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Season Wrap Up
Sunday, September 10

Senior Womens 1 Premiers - Rivers Rubies

Senior Womens 1 Champions - Northside (NCFC) 1

Senior Mens Premiers

Div 1 - North Lakes Steeds

Div 2 - City North Chubby Alonsos

Div 3 - Rivers Redbacks

Div 4 - Northpine (NPBSC) Condors

Senior Mens Champions

Div 1 - Bridgedogs

Div 2 - Bridgeman Jaguars

Div 3 - MPC Yellow

Div 4 - Northpine (NPBSC) Condors


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The Baptist Football Team.

Mens Comp - Mens 1
Round 22
Bridgedogs 5
3 Riverlife 3
Mens Comp - Mens 1
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