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The following files include information specifically for the current season...

2023 Important Dates

2023 Season Rules - key changes: a) up to 17 players on match card, b) Team finalisation by 30th June.

2023 Schedule of Fees

Clubs & Teams

Date: Due by 1st March

Submit the following forms to 

1) 2023 BFQ Club Member Nomination Form (Due 1st March 2023)

  • As an incorporated association, BFQ Incorporated has approved that each Club is entitled to two “members“ with voting rights in the Association. Each club will be required to complete the Club Member Nomination Form, which must be signed by your sponsoring Church’s Pastor, Elder or Deacon.

2) 2023 BFQ Team Nomination Form​ (Due 1st March 2023)

  • Must be completed for each team that your club is entering and must be signed by your sponsoring Church's Pastor, Elder or Deacon.

3) Squads

  • The squad system was replaced in 2022 with amendments to the Borrowed Player rules. Transfer of players between teams needs to be approved by contacting the Secretary.

* IF your club only has one team, you are still required to submit both Club Member and Team Nomination Forms.

Player Registration

Date: Ongoing (closes 30th June)

1) 2023 BFQ Player Registration Form

Every player you wish to register in your team / club must complete an individual Player Registration Form with all player details, signature, and date. Any player under the age of 18 must have the Parent/Guardian consent section completed, signed and dated. These forms must be signed by the player before he/she takes the field for their first game (Penalties may apply for late registrations).

  • paper copy submitted to your club within 5 working days of the players first game and retained by the club for 2 years past the end of the season

  • digital input by the manager into Portal within 2 working days of receiving the form

    • It is a COVIDsafe requirement that a valid phone number or email address is included on the Portal​

  • ​BFQ Incorporated will not consider the club to be in receipt of a duly completed form until this online registration occurs

* Do NOT send these forms to BFQ Incorporated unless instructed to do so.​

Date: 30 June

Player registrations - the Portal closes on this date and no new players can be added to the system. Make sure that all of your players are correctly registered and entered by this date.


The BFQ Incorporated Results Officer will only notify you when a player needs to serve any suspensions (ie either a red card or an accumulation of yellow card infringements), by means of an email or SMS text message.

Please contact the BFQ Incorporated Secretary to discuss any matters affecting player registration. The Secretary is able to give you ample advice on the usage of the various forms.

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