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Meeting Update: Season Dates Change!

At the meeting, it was requested by teams present that, rather than the season commencing one week prior to Easter as per the current Season Dates form, the season will now commence on Saturday 13 April after the Easter break. To compensate, Round Three will now be played on Anzac Day, Thursday 25 April, with games not starting before 1.30pm.

With the later start to the season, team nominations will now be required by 15th March, rather than 1st March). The 2024 Season Dates document has been updated to reflect this.

Also as a result of the amended season dates, the 2024 Fees Schedule has been updated, so the 1st payment will not be due till 13th April (rather than 31st March).

There were no changes made to the 2024 Season Rules from 2023, apart from editing and some minor clarifying information.

Please see Resources / Current Season for all updated documents.

There were no changes to the 2024 BFQ Management Committee.


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