Season 2021 Update

Hello Everyone,

At a BFQ Heads of Clubs meeting on Thursday night, it was agreed that due to BFQ losing four weeks of competition due to the current lockdown and associated restrictions, the BFQ season will extend past the current proposed end of season.

So, this means that BFQ will continue until the September school holidays. We will not play for the three weekends which encompasses the holidays, being 18 and 25 September, and 2 October. BFQ will then recommence, with a current planned end date of 30 October 2021.

The following should be noted:

1. BFQ plans to conduct a full championship competition encompassing finals, with grand finals planned for 30 October;

2. If further lockdowns or restrictions are in place, the competition may need to revert to a premiership (without finals) competition; and

3. If a finals series commences, it is planned that this will be completed, even if it means some mid-week games.

Please be aware that these plans may need to change given the current pandemic.

Also, there have been some queries raised about the finals series. Finals will be as follows:

Senior Mens Division 1 and 2 -> 4 teams

Senior Mens Division 3 -> 5 teams

Senior Womens -> 3 teams.

I trust that this provides some certainty as to the future of the 2021 BFQ competition. We would also like to thank the Heads of Clubs for their time on Thursday night in helping to develop this strategy.

An updated draw will be posted shortly.

Kind regards,

Peter Noyes


BFQ Inc.